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My name is Aaron Wang.
I am a ‹student› at Brown University.
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I'm a researcher, developer, and philomath from Massachusetts studying computational biology, applied mathematics, and economics at Brown University.
I am the CTO of Intern From Home, a platform partnering with campuses to connect hundreds of thousands of students to virtual internships across the world. Outside of the company, I work at the Radiology AI Lab at the Rhode Island Hospital, where I create deep learning models that are used in IGTA, a noninvasive cancer treatment. This research pairs perfectly with my leadership as the Head Teaching Assistant of DATA 2040, Brown Data Science's graduate-level deep learning course, where I manage a staff of TAs and teach graduate students advanced topics in artificial intelligence and data science. I am also the Director of Technology for the Brown Entrepreneurship Program, where I lead a team of talented software engineers to create innovative applications like Venture@Brown and Startups On The Hill.

My interests lie in the realm of time optimization, whether that be in our everyday lives or in the digital space, to create greater efficiencies and allow people to do the things they love. More specifically, I'm interested in how we can use time to our advantage, for instance in preventative medical diagnoses, with competitive high frequency trading algorithms, and even in just finding more time to relax with friends and loved ones. Other areas of interest include the intersection of machine learning and neuroscience and how we can use biotechnologies to enhance modern medical treatment, human-computer interaction to create an effective user experience, listening to podcasts to more efficiently spend my spare time (Robinhood Snacks is amazing), helping students of all ages learn difficult academic materials through my favorite tutoring platform, and zero-sum imperfect-information games (e.g. poker, bridge).

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To see my skills in action, check out my portfolio or get in touch with me for more info!



Tensorflow Keras Python Numpy

Novel implementation of variational autoencoders on histone modification data in conjunction with a deep CNN architecture for predicting gene expression.


<Tensorflow Keras Python Numpy

Transfer learning application of a pseudo-VGG16 deep learning model that achieves state-of-the-art performance in diagnosing COVID-19 from patient chest X-rays.

Coronavirus Chatbot

PythonPyTorchNLTK NumPyNLP Bag-of-Words

A feedforward neural network chatbot that answers your questions about the pandemic, built with Pytorch and the NLTK framework implementing the bag-of-words algorithm.


Feel free to connect with me on any of the platforms at the bottom or email me: aaronjwang(at)brown.edu

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